Do It Yourself (DIY) Smart TV


Yes, Smart TV’s are a great alternative to using your computer for movies, social media and many other apps. Some, “high priced” smart TV’s also have a web browser. But what is not informed to the consumer is the lack of control options. They are simple to use apps, setup can be confusing at times, depending on the users skills, but most of the time, setup is pretty basic. But for the price, are they really worth the extra money? Most TV’s today are very high in graphics resolutions. Even the cheapest ones on the market today, have superior graphics that can manage all the high definition channels and accessories.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use that existing TV as your smart TV? It is not that difficult to do. There are two ways this can be done. External, DIY, (the best option), or internal, (custom built). Both ways can be done without using any outsourced company. Creating the internal form, the individual should have knowledge in electronics, components, and computer build skills. ( Would Not Recommend performing an internal build without these skills mentioned above.)

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Many companies today use these high definition flat screens for meetings, conferences and so much more, without the use of a computer monitor. If you have a computer, and a high definition flat screen TV, your set up to save space and turn that office room into something else by just a click of a button. TV’s today are highly advanced systems that enable the user to do so many unique and different things. Most TV’s have USB input, that allow a vast variety of devices to be plugged into for extra entertainment. Using a simple USB Flash Drive, one can view photos, listen to music, or stream music, movies, with other connectable and compatible devices. The USB port can even be used as a power source when one is not available. Our information booklet will include both techniques and inform one how to grasp the power of the USB port – to turn that basic flat screen into a high resolution gaming computer, or assist in saving space by making it your personal all in one smart TV at half the price. We’ll provide step by step information on both techniques, tools and products needed to create your very own do it yourself Smart TV.

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Security


Protecting your family, pets and belongings is the first thing that comes to mind in any society. No matter where one lives, crime is lurking right around the corner. This is why it is crucial to have insurance to replace what is stolen, lost or broken, but no insurance can replace loved ones. Of course, nobody is going to leave their small children unattended at home but keeping an eye out on them when being cared for while your gone, can inform you of all normal or odd situations. Did you find the best caregiver? How are they treating your children?

Are they trustworthy? Many factors come to mind and the list can go on and on. What about those special critters that are not just animals but family members also? Do it yourself home security can make sure they are safe when alone and/or the kind of mischief they might be doing when you are gone. USA, LLC

DIY security is not only simple to do, but also provides you with the answer to the questions of wonder that pop in mind while you are gone. Our easy to follow DIY Home Security techniques can provide you that extra sense of relief and an added addition to your home security system. Keep an eye on your home without adding extra expensive security components. Even if you already own a security system, learning the extras can ensure your getting that extra “peace of mind”, knowing you have the experience to protect what is close to you. If you have a computer, webcam and a smartphone, android or IPhone, you can easily know what is going on when your away whether you are on WIFI or a cellular network. Keep your family and belonging safe and secure and Never pay those high prices again by learning how to Do It Yourself with your very own personal Home Security and Surveillance System(s). Learn how to verify that what is being recorded cannot be deleted, altered or manipulated in any way all by DIY. Our booklet includes: setup information for your home security network, apps and instructions on how to get them installed and setup on both the computer(s) and smartphones and other options that can be used at home within the network security setup.

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Freelance Web Development


I would like to welcome you to Here, consumers, blog readers and business owners will find a variety of informational articles, computer related products and services, affordable web, webpage design – development with a personal and compassionate experience. My name is Don Burton. I am an experienced web designer with vast knowledge within the web development field. My skill set ranges from the basics coding with HTML, to the use of the latest web design programming in association with several open source web platforms.

From e-commerce to just getting a simple web design site out there for your business, i have over 18 years of experience and can create what works and appeals for your business or personal interests. I also have numerous years in graphic design concepts. Need a logo for your web designed site, just provide a business card with your existing logo and i can duplicate it exactly as it is on your brick-n-mortar site without the worry of alterations. Logos, banners, general images, animated images and even slider images, I can customize them to your liking.

Need to be in the search engines top ten (first page)? I can have that accomplished easily and quickly, even soon after publishing. Your site will list in the top ten in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the other search engines with your business or personal domain name – Guaranteed! I have studied online marketing for many years and having a website will even assist in your local marketing concepts also. Cross promoting your company with all your Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc, will be included!

Simplicity is the key. I prefer to create in WordPress using CSS and other scripting addons. Due mainly to the extensive library of templates and widgets, combined with years of web development and graphic design experience, your site would not even look like a blog, unless that is what is needed. WordPress provides so many options and modifications, nothing else compares to the quickness it provides to get up and running fast compared to the older days of writing code from scratch. Using a great template to build upon and my years of web development experience, i can create your website design to your exact standards. Don’t be fooled by all these fast and cheap Do-It-Yourself web design advertisements. You’ll get what you pay for.

So lets talk! Tell me what you are looking for, what your company needs. Send me an email, call or text for pricing, design concepts or other questions you might have. I look forward to working for you. CLICK HERE to email Me. Use the SUBJECT: WEB DESIGN-YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME when emailing so i know it is not spam. Call or Text: (217)-690-0168. Please leave message if no answer as all of us know, spam and solicitation calls and texts occur daily. Leaving me a brief message with your name and contact information will assist me on distinguishing the difference. Or post a comment below to touch base with me. Whatever works best and most convenient for you and your business. Thank You!

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Custom Built Computers


We offer a variety of customized computers, from high end gaming computers to low end standard computers for basic data processing, internet, email, etc. Prices vary from specifications and what type of computer our customers are needing for their everyday usage. Custom built computers are the best way to go even to this day because you get what you pay for. No system bloated out with trial software that the user will never use, highly upgrade-able, and created specifically for a single user, not “off the assembly line” product. We also create customized computers out of everyday household items.

Have you ever wanted to have that special collectible or item(s) to become your personal computer? Not only could you sit it out for others to see, it can also be useful. Obviously, there are some items that are too precious to mess with, but some can be two items in one. For example, that personal desk or chair that is used daily, can become a computer. Tables, chairs, lamps, toys, collectibles and so much more household items, can become a space saving workstation. The choice is yours. With technology advancing at such a fast rate, micro processors and motherboards can fit into many different things besides that standard desktop tower. With WiFi so accessible these days and Bluetooth accessories highly available, wires are completely obsolete in today’s day and age.

Today, we have computer parts that are very small that can fit into a lot of different types of items. What interests an individual the most, should be there personal home computer. Why waste money buying a name brand computer that looks exactly like thousands of others; when you could have a unique and highly upgradeable, customized computer that nobody else has. We could even take older android or apple cell phones, not being used on a cellular network anymore, and turn them into usable devices as computers. (Model Depending). So if your interested in a customized personal computer, contact us with your idea(s) and we’ll come up with a design concept that fits.

There are lots of gaming computers out there from every computer company in business today. These computers are great computers and can perform at top levels of gaming for the users. The issues are numerous when it comes to purchasing some of these high end gaming computers. First of all, software, many come with bloated software that will never be touched by the user. Trial period software that works for awhile, if used, then one is forced to pay high prices to continue to use it. This also involves consists with standard computers purchased from these huge companies. Secondly, why waste so much money on a gaming computer that is exactly like others.

Most PC gamers know what they want. They know what type of specifications and what kinds of peripherals they want. And most know how to upgrade manually without sitting on a phone for hours on end with several different people until they finally get an issue resolved. PC gaming is not going away. With virtual reality on the rise, the PC is still competing with the home gaming systems as a choice for top notch systems. Plus, they are easier to upgrade than the home gaming systems on the market. Whether your looking to buy a gaming computer or just looking for affordable upgrade parts, we can offer both at a affordable prices. Contact Us with your interests. Even if items are not listed on the website, we most likely got it or can get it for you.

Welcome To SwofShop

Here at Swofshop you will find DIY – Do It Yourself concepts that can enable you to save money and learn easily. Swofshop also provides website creation and graphic design for small and large businesses or personal web design for anyone who wants to get online. Swofshop strives to offer the most competitive, and affordable custom built computers – PC, to all potential customers looking to purchase gaming computers or purchase customized forms of computers.

Get online to expand your business, learn how to do it your self, DIY, and read our informative articles. Our site also provides the best affordable deals from some of the largest retail store for buyers to get the best deals possible when purchasing online. So check us out! Look around, click through the best deals available. Read and comment on our articles. We are sure you will find something of interest. And as always, thank you for visiting!

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